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Power Washing in the wrong hands can be harmful and not only cause damages but can cost you money. This is why over the years we have focused power washing only durable surfaces that are designed to withstand high pressure.

When it comes to power washing, we mainly focus using high pressure on concrete, pavers, metal, brick and other durable surfaces.  Rely on Pressure’s On Cleaning Service, LLC in Homestead, FL for fast and effective power washing service.

Professional Pressure Washing Done Right!

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Here at Pressures On Cleaning Service, LLC is Homestead FL utilizes pressure only on durable surfaces. Over the years, we have formulated a better cleaning process on exteriors by using a softwash process using low pressure. However, we still use pressure on surfaces such as driveways and other hard surfaces. Not only do we clean the area, but we also pre and post-treat the areas depending on the project as well. If you have organic growth(black concrete), we will post spray a detergent to keep the mildew and organic matter from growing back so fast.


Let our professional team of specialists work on your power washing requirements today. Rest assured that all of your requests will be handled by highly qualified and trained experts. Just give us a call or send us an email to request an appointment or free estimate with our team. Need to spruce up your homes fences?

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