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Did someone vandalized your property with graffiti? Graffiti defaces buildings and lowers property values. It can scare away customers or attract other vandals.  Let Pressure’s On Cleaning Service, LLC in Homestead, FL take care of that for you. We can remove graffiti effectively without any damage to your surface. You don’t have to worry about remaining graffiti because we use a wide range of effective cleaning detergents. Our detergents are environmentally friendly.

Graffiti Removal Done Right!

Gentle and Effective Pressure Washing.

We can safely remove graffiti without damage to the surface or the environment. Pressure’s On Cleaning provides an environmentally safe and effective graffiti removal service. You’ll never have to worry about damaged surfaces or remaining graffiti. Hire us because get the job done right the first time!


While graffiti can be a form of art, you certainly don’t want it on your property. Let us get rid of these unwanted scrawls and scribbles on your property’s exterior! Take advantage of the graffiti removal services we offer at Pressure’s On Cleaning Service, LLC. Do you have questions regarding the residential and commercial cleaning services we provide? Get in touch! You may reach us by phone or email for your convenience.

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