We Offer a Wide Variety of Commercial Pressure Cleaning and Power Washing Services

Pressure’s On Cleaning proudly offers a wide variety of commercial pressure cleaning services in addition to our residential power washing services. We understand that clean surfaces are essential to the prosperity of your business.

Pressure’s On Cleaning offer custom schedules to fit around your business hours. Our experienced in-field professionals are trained, insured, and┬áhave completed countless jobs successfully.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Parking Garage Cleaning with Cyclone Pressure Cleaners
  • Fleet Washing
  • HOA Cleaning
  • Exterior Building Cleaning
  • Cyclone Pressure Cleaning
  • Reclaim Pressure Cleaning
  • Environmentally Friendly Pressure Cleaning without Chemicals
  • Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaning

We use the cyclone CY5500 for Parking Garage Cleaning. It is green and fast. Our cyclone machinery allows for longlasting clean after just one-pass. As a result, we can work faster and can complete many large projects overnight. Our teams also use custom trucks for commercial pressure cleaning. That way, we can clean nearly any coated or uncoated surface in less time.

Counties We Serve:

  • Broward County
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Monroe County

Why Are We the Best?

Provide great service!

The customer comes first. That means providing great service as well as using the latest technology and a wide variety of the best detergents to keep your surfaces intact.

We pride ourselves in providing quality services for our customers and promise to always do our best.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Before & After

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